Music has an uncanny ability of always remaining in your life.  Even when the thoughts of a musical career seem to be long gone the passion can come up and grab you to put you right back on track.  This seems to be the case with our recent find T.Wong.


The singer-songwriter was born in Columbus, Ohio with an upbringing in gospel music with some classical training.  From singing with his mother at age 5 he moved on to earn collegiate scholarships as a trained bass vocalist.  In college he focused on academics and earned a BA from The Ohio State University and a Juris Doctorate from Capital University Law School.  T.Wong actually started practicing Law in Columbus but that is when the music passion struck again.

The music started pouring out of T.Wong again and he has plans for a full album release next month with an album release show on May 14th.  The lead single off the upcoming record is “Journey”.  The song is an ode to life experiences and an acknowledgement of the ways in which we grow and learn from them.  Enjoy the music video here:

Enjoy more T.Wong at:

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