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6 Essential Things Needed to Record An Album

The music industry has undoubtedly been one of the most transformed in recent decades. The entire world of music and how it is produced, marketed, and consumed has been dramatically altered by technological advancement. Some genres’ growth has been eclipsed, while others have thrived and succeeded. However, no genre is safe, and no genre will

The Mighty One has the Torch of Rock and Roll

As a young music fan, getting your first record can be a life changing experience. For frontman of The Mighty One Tim Steinruck this was definitely the case.  After receiving his first KISS record Destroyer, a fire was lit inside Steinruck and he immediately aspired to be a rockstar.  Rock ‘n’ roll has been planting

ASCEND With Illenium’s New Album

During his period of coaching lacrosse and delivering food, the young Nicholas Miller suffered a heroin overdose. Supposedly, this epiphany led to his strict concentration on his music, enhancing his skill to craft the image he represents today. Miller, known by his musical pseudonym, is witnessing over seventeen million monthly Spotify listeners. Illenium is a