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Better Daze Gives “All That I Need”

Never ones to keep us waiting very long, our friends from Better Daze Records are back with more interesting music for us to check out.  Their stream of songs has drawn a lot of interest and has kept the new fans coming back for more.  They are happy to give it to them. In recent

Welcome to the Political Freak Show

When an artist is a skilled songwriter they can easily craft a song that hits on what is going on in current events in a timely matter.  This can help the song gain some attention outside of the normal fanbase and get some viral spread around the internet.  Our friends from Better Daze Music have

Better Daze – New Video To Follow Your Dreams

When you have a good thing going musically just keep it going.  Gone are the days of taking year long breaks between writing new music.  Our friends from Better Daze Records continue to release one interesting song after another picking up new fans with each one. The duo of Roger Cole and Paul Barrere hail