Better Daze Gives “All That I Need”

Better daze

Never ones to keep us waiting very long, our friends from Better Daze Records are back with more interesting music for us to check out.  Their stream of songs has drawn a lot of interest and has kept the new fans coming back for more.  They are happy to give it to them.

In recent months, the team at Better Daze has released a consistent stream of singles that have received high reviews from various music blogs and other outlets. Songwriters Roger Cole and Paul Barrere have become widely regarded as having a smooth and eclectic style that infuses blues, rock, and grunge into a brand new style of music that doesn’t fit into the square peg of mainstream styling. The music is delivered in a way that can seamlessly fit into the soundtrack of anyone’s life.



Roger Cole and Paul Barrere have collaborated yet again to mastermind an entrancing new track that captures the mind and soul. Cole and Barrere jointly produced “All That I Need” and constructed the music and lyrics for their new song. Roger Cole engineered the single.

This one has a very funky feel that brought to mind the classic sound of Stevie Wonder, in particularly the song “Superstition”.  The way the bass bounces along with the distorted guitar creates a noise that will get you bopping your head and curling your lip.  There is even some psychedelic flavor to this on to bend your mind a little bit.

With lyrics including “I like the way that you move, like you got nothing to prove; It’s something to see, can’t believe this fortunate high, you know it’s such a surprise” you can tell these guys like to tell stories that can relate to the listener.  Maybe not in reality but in some kind of ‘wish I was him’ way.

You can keep up with the band on their FACEBOOK.

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