Kingsley Durant Opens Up The ‘Convertible’

Kingsley Durant

As a musician you must always be ready and willing to accept the inspiration that comes upon you. Music has its way of leading you right where you need to be. Having an open mind to this muse has created great things. Long time musician Kingsley Durant has always done this and now a new sound is here in the form of his newest record Convertible.

The journey of the artist began in his earliest days. Kingsley Durant grew up in a musical family playing piano, French horn, and guitar. But music was not quite his calling yet. He went on to teach math after his college years. But this seemed to all be part of the path. A composition he wrote for a promotional video for St. Andrew’s School lit the fire. Music came quick and his 2003 debut album Away From The Water came soon after. From there the music bug bit and years of collaborations helped him develop a unique style blending jazz and rock with experimental touches. 

After some recent years of focusing on life and playing acoustic guitar something changed. While out in California for his granddaughter’s birth the electric itch returned. Less than a month later Kingsley Durant had 8 new tracks ready for his new Convertible album. 

Released on March 6th, the album brings in an assortment of top talent to help flesh out Kingsley Durant’s ideas. Keyboardist Steve Hunt, bassist Roscoe Beck, drummer & percussionist Tom Brechtlein, percussionist Ricardo Monzón, and even Grammy Award-winning guitarist Eric Johnson for a track. 

Opening up with the title track “Convertible” the talent of the musicians hits you right away. A funky jazz vibe pushes forward with some undeniable toe tapping energy. This record is off to the races. “Cobblestones” leads in with a slick drum fill before slowing down with some experimental sounds. Instruments seem to be all playing in their own lanes but somehow it all comes together into an undeniable groove. Some improvisation most likely helped this one develop into the powerhouse that it is.

For “Funky Princess” the legend Eric Johnson lends some of his amazing guitar skills. The funk is not just in the song title as the bass glides along with a beat that makes you take notice. The keyboards stand out here as well with some epic runs up and down the board. There is a more atmospheric tone to “Alice” with a more minimalistic feel. The guitar of Kingsley Durant seizes the stage with just some smooth background to fill out the sound space. 

The funky beats come back hard on the aptly titled “Stanky.” It is hard not to get sucked into the groove as the bass lays down while the guitars tickle the high end. Another perfect production of placing each instrument right where it needs to be to complete a full sonic tapestry. This is an album to just turn on and sit back to enjoy with your full attention.

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