Better Daze – New Video To Follow Your Dreams

When you have a good thing going musically just keep it going.  Gone are the days of taking year long breaks between writing new music.  Our friends from Better Daze Records continue to release one interesting song after another picking up new fans with each one.

Better Daze

The duo of Roger Cole and Paul Barrere hail from California where they seem to always be hard at work making new music.  The Better Daze Records motto of “creating music for the sake of music” lives on as they aim to please their own ears first and foremost and let the songs speak for themselves.  Wanting to avoid the guidelines set forth by big labels and distributors in the name of mainstream music, the two set out to create Better Daze Records. Through their own label, Barrere and Cole inject their own flavor of expression and creativity into each of their unique works.

The newest song off the Musical Schizophrenia album is “Just Keep Walking”.  It preaches their mission of continuing to follow your dreams no matter how much times passes.  The song is a mellow Americana piece that creates a warmth that seems to surround the listener.  The accompanying music video shares some amazing scenery to fully paint the picture.  Enjoy a watch here:



Keep up with what is coming next at:





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