A. Armstrong – Bringing Back Old School Hip Hop With Positivity

There are many artists out there that simply attempt to copy what is hot at the time and just grab a minute of fame by doing the same thing.  There is more to music than that.  Music can become a powerful message if the artist pours his heart into it.  A great example is the music of A. Armstrong.    

The hip-hop artist was born in Columbia, South Carolina and raised in Jacksonville, Florida.  A. Armstrong was strongly inspired by the golden age of the genre of the 80’s and 90’s.  He aims to add knowledge into his songs and produce a message of positivity and empowerment.  In particular, Armstrong connects with the youth who may be struggling and in search of that “Difference Maker” to put them on the right track.  Today, his motto is “Changing the World One Song at a Time” and he seems to be on the right track.

A. Armstrong

The recent release of the full-length album Retrolution is the next step in the message of A. Armstrong.  The name combines Retro and Revolution as it combines the retro 70’s R&B sounds with the revolution of old school hip hop.  Through 18 tracks Armstrong dives into important topics and the harsh reality of today.  Songs like “Just Call Me” and “New Style” sound as if they are straight off a record from the early 1990’s.  The lyrical flow is peppy and positive as faith in a higher power shines through.  The rhymes with a purpose continue on “Reflection Of God” over a classic soul groove that brings out the dancing shoes.  As the samples create a warm and cozy feel, the lyrics remain telling a story of rising above with the help of inspiring people.  Some more standout tracks are “ME” and “Vapors”.  Go get a few listens for yourself at: https://soundcloud.com/a-armstrong-3/sets/retrolution

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