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DawgGoneDavis Puts Out Some ‘Forever Music’

Rebecca Rogers Davis hasn’t entered the musical world in the traditional way, but her lifelong love for music and writing her own songs is a common thread she shares with any full time musician or songwriter. Her latest two singles, “Forever Music” and “Butt on Fiya”, continue in the same comic mode she established with

HENRY METAL is the ‘Deadlift Cowboy’

Where does one begin with Henry Metal? The Los Angeles-based shred guitarist, multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, and producer displays one of the more individualistic musical styles you are likely to encounter anywhere, one that blends rock music, art, and comedy into an experimental sound no one else could create.   His latest recorded effort, Deadlift Cowboy, is

Romeo Dance Cheetah is The Magnificent Man

Known only by his stage name, Romeo Dance Cheetah cut his young teeth on the vocal pyrotechnics and showmanship of artists like Freddie Mercury and Michael Jackson before venturing out of his small Missouri hometown to attend school for film production at the University of Iowa and, eventually, earn his first national exposure as a