Wake Up To ‘American Lullaby’ by Dean Friedman

Dean Friedman

We can all agree that the last couple of years have been quite the confusing time in America. As artists we all have our personal perspectives on these happenings. The ability to turn those thoughts into catchy songs is not an easy one. Fortunately Dean Friedman has this skill and recently released his American Lullaby album to share with the world.

Over the years a steady stream of songwriting has given Dean Friedman his own niche. A sophisticated and funny style that has earned him an international following that continues to grow. He holds no punches and sings what is on his mind with no reservations. 

Now for his newest album American Lullaby Dean Friedman got funding from his fans to produce 12 brand new original tracks. The opening title track begins the record with a seashore soundscape that evolves into a truly elegant track led by Dean’s soothing voice and a piano. There are some dark themes intertwined but the delivery makes it all musically digestible. 

Dean Friedman’s ‘American Lullaby’

On “Halfway Normal World” Friedman yearns along with the rest of us to get back to some semblance of what the world once was. The relaxed tone allows the listener to fully absorb and relate to the meaningful lyrics. 

There is more of a funk groove to “The Russians Are Coming” as the comedic flair is shown. Some sweet accents and experimental Jazz sounds build up a truly entertaining track, with a purpose. The comedy continues with the alt-campaign song “Ridin’ With Biden.” Truth bombs are dropped as a country twanf guitar line melds with an electro drum beat. 

The true purpose of Dean Friedman comes through on “I Wish You Joy.” The fun he provides is to try and make the world a better place. This track covers a variety of styles piled all into one with the true hope of Joy for the listener.

Come join in the fun and joy with Dean Friedman on his WEBSITE for more music and videos.

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