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Guide: The best music festivals outside the US

Music festivals are beloved all around the globe and the difference between all of them is magnificent. Every year hundreds of thousands of people attend different kinds of music festivals for either one day or several days to listen to familiar music and to experience new kinds. Festivals are not just about the music though,

The 10 Worst Eurovision Songs Of All Time

The Eurovision Song Contest has played host to some of the most iconic songs of all time. For example, research by Betway casino has shown that the UK’s “Save Your Kisses For Me”, performed by Brotherhood of Man in 1976, is the most statistically successful Eurovision song of all time, and it’s pretty well-liked among

Viking City Glows During 8-Day Roskilde Festival

Roskilde Festival should be on the radar of any adventurous indie music enthusiast. Long, sunny Scandinavian days welcomed 160,000 people to Roskilde, the medieval Viking town near Copenhagen. The 8-day non-profit festival, which is run by volunteers, attracted an eclectic mix of artists including a well-represented collection of indie artists.   While its robust musical