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Strick – See You When I Land

Any musician to land a connection with the Trap martyr, Young Thug, has unlocked their potential for musical infamy. Young Thug is one of the Trap artists who have opened their doors for students to study the music that reaches youth of nearly every personality. Strick is a student of Young Thug that has garnered

Ph4de “Don’t Say Much” In New Single

The South is where the Hip-Hop’s focus is situated at now. After 2010, figures from Atlanta, Georgia, such as Mike WiLL Made-It , Lil Yachty, and the venerable Gucci Mane. The South cultivated the scene that Hip-Hop is demonstrating today. This scene includes the concentration on hard, punishing bass sounds filled to the brim with

Bodee – Smooth Flow With Real Feelings

A true artist’s main goal should be to connect with the listener and make their story relatable to all that hear it.  We all know that mainstream music is currently made up mostly of performers that just regurgitate songs and lyrics that were written by someone else and have no real connection to the singer