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Katie Belle Has ‘Symptoms’ of Greatness

Katie Belle’s ‘Symptoms’ is the classic pop music package – it’s got that hooky chorus, a pulsating beat, and is topped off with slick production.  As I hit play, her crystal-clear vocals hit me, perfectly complementing the razor-sharp accompaniment. It’s like her voice is whispering sweet nothings directly into your ears, leaving you with a

Katie Belle Says “Don’t”

Pockets of fame will pop up for many independent artists. The key is to seize these opportunities. You also must keep working hard and putting yourself out there even when the ‘moments of fame’ start to fade. Our friend Katie Belle has experienced a lot in her young career and keeps on moving forward to

Katie Belle Is Going “Back To California”

American Idol is a show that has been showing off the talent within America since 2002. Over the last (nearly) twenty years, the show has highlighted amazing musicians of all ages. Katie Belle, made an appearance on Season 17 of the show, taking her playful, breathy voice inside the home’s of millions of Americans. Now,