Katie Belle Is Going “Back To California”

American Idol is a show that has been showing off the talent within America since 2002. Over the last (nearly) twenty years, the show has highlighted amazing musicians of all ages. Katie Belle, made an appearance on Season 17 of the show, taking her playful, breathy voice inside the home’s of millions of Americans. Now, she’s on her own and proving that she’s got the chops to make it in music. Her latest release “Back To California” (produced by Josquin Des Pres) has everything it takes to be a hit song of the summer.

“Back To California” screams to those who feel forever young and yearn for long, summer nights. Katie Belle channeled her youthful effervescence into this song, giving the entire track the perfect mood. “Back To California” feels like late night drives to the beach, and sneaking kisses from your summer love. There’s such power in being able to harness those feelings of being carefree and only having to focus on having fun in the moment. That magic allows you to teleport your mind somewhere else while listening to this single.

Watch the video for “Back To California” ft. Corleone below

“Driving down on the PCH. Windows down brand-new start. Falling so deep in love I’ll go where you are, back to California.” – “Back To California”

Katie Belle teamed up with Corleone on this track, adding in a hip-hop/rap element to her otherwise bubblegum, sweet sound. Together, the fusion of pop and hip-hop creates an upbeat and addictive track that you’ll find yourself humming along to instantly.

There’s a lot of magical moments within this track. Lines that will take you back to a place where you were falling in love on long, hot summer nights. The power in that ability to rear up nostalgia is unmatched, and Katie Belle and the team surrounding “Back To California” harnessed in on that power completely. With a hit like this under her belt, I am excited to see what comes next from Katie.

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