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Fun things to do for bands on tour

If you are someone with an ear for music, I am sure you have been to some concerts to see your favorite artists. While as a part of the audience, their life can seem fun & glamorous, it certainly involves immense hard work. Touring different cities & performing live in front of thousands of people

What Do Musicians do on Tour

As musicians once more look to open up to the prospect of touring after almost a year of inaction due to COVID-19, seeing our favourite names in action feels tantalisingly close. One question that has long been on the lips of music fans everywhere is; what exactly do our favourite musicians do on tour?  Are

Hair And Beard Care While on Tour

As an artist, going on tour is one of the most exciting things to happen in my career. It gives me a chance to perform and meet my lovely fans in different areas. While on the road, my grooming schedule is often interrupted. This is not to say that I appear on stage looking unkempt.