Hair And Beard Care While on Tour

Hair and Beard Care

As an artist, going on tour is one of the most exciting things to happen in my career. It gives me a chance to perform and meet my lovely fans in different areas. While on the road, my grooming schedule is often interrupted. This is not to say that I appear on stage looking unkempt. While on the road, I must always look fresh. Here are a few life-saving beard and hair care tips that always sort me out. I will start with the beard.

Do not Forget to Pack Your Shaving Kit

I know for a fact that the shaving tools I use end up influencing the final look. One of the things that works well for me is packing a superior kit that will not leave me with rashes or burns. To make things easier, I start by applying the best beard balm before the shaving process. This acts like a leave-in conditioner that will soften and moisturize the beard for easier styling.

Stick to Your Day to Day Products

Another tip you can borrow from me is to use the same products I use at home even when on tour. If space is limited, opt to carry the products in small containers that will last you the entire trip. Avoid switching products while traveling, especially if you have sensitive skin.

It is because people usually prefer the experts’ recommended products. So, if you also use those, then changing it time and again might result in side effects because new products might not suit your skin. And if you have recently started keeping a beard and are keen on knowing what products you should use regularly, you may want to look here to check out the best beard growth kit suggested by professionals that could meet well with your beard care needs anywhere and everywhere.

Do not Skip the Process

Another tip that works for my beard look is never to skip the grooming progress regardless of where I am. Whether in a hotel, guesthouse, or camp, I always spare some time to go through the entire shaving process. I prioritize this even when the new environment is not as comfortable. When time is an issue and I do not want to wake up earlier, I usually shave while showering.

Now Some Hair Care Tips on the Go

In most cases, my hair faces a tough time when on the road. To ensure my fans enjoy the music fully without unruly hair distracting them, here are the tips I work with.

Oil the Hair

While travelling I recognize the need to nourish my hair with natural oils. My go-to oils are argan or coconut oil.  I apply some on the scalp and the tips of the hair. For better absorption, I usually leave this overnight.

Wash Your Hair

If the tour will last a week, I prefer to wash, treat, and condition my hair before the trip. If it will take more time, I find time to wash the hair at least once every week.  This is the only way it will maintain its lustre.

When pressed for time, I use a heating/drying device on the lowest heat setting to dry the hair. I also comb the hair on a daily basis before heading out and sleeping. It is the only way to avoid knots and dreads from forming when I am miles away from home.

Use Dry Shampoos

While this may contradict the previous point, there may be times when I genuinely can’t wash the hair. Rather than neglect my beautiful mane, I get away with using dry shampoo to save time. All I do is spray it on the scalp and let it dry naturally. It is important because it gets rid of excess oil on the scalp. A great product also conditions the hair giving me a fresh look.


While planning the itinerary for my tour, I set some time aside for grooming. When I look and feel good, I feel that the performances are more electric. This is because I end up focusing on giving my all to the performance to please my fans without worrying about the way I look.

   -written by an unnamed artist with a glorious mane and lustrous beard.

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