Kyle Øashu Lets Us Hear His ‘bunnii’

Kyle Øashu

Artists with a true passion for music are unafraid to create something unique and different. As genre lines fade away and artist can go in whichever direction he sees fit. Our friend Kyle Øashu (who we interviewed last year) is doing just that and has recently released his latest project that is an accumulation of all his experiences.

The not quite 21-year-old from South Carolina has developed his own alternative hip hop sounds that borrows from other genres including alt0rock and dream pop. It is purely the Kyle Øashu sound. Starting out as a poet in his early teens, Kyle wrote poetry non-stop to escape his problems. This led back to music and using his lyrics to try and help people with the message in his music like other songs helped him.

This latest project by Kyle Øashu is titled bunnii. It stands for ‘beyond the uncertainty, nests new infinite inspiration’. Creating the tape was a 2 year process of self discovery and acceptance. Kyle was trying to decide the direction of his life and what he truly wanted to achieve. Bunnii is a great journey for all of us to take.

From the first track “stars in the ocean” we become aware there is something different happening here. The melodic creep drags us along as Kyle Øashu lays down a syrupy lyrical delivery that keeps us intrigued. This tone continues on “MIDNIGHT LUNA” with a minimalistic synth backdrop allowing the elegant vocals to take center stage.

Kyle Øashu IS An Artist That Will Make You Think

Interesting sounds combine to create a head bopping beat on “PFXM” as Kyle goes deeper into sharing his own mind welcoming everyone inside to share in his feelings. “Hallows” remain on the minimalistic side for a while with a bedtime inducing melody letting the listener fall into a relaxed state as he pours out knowledge.

It all seems to come together on album highlight “Mountain Head”. A peppy piano melody comes and goes keeping us at close attention listening for what will come next. There is a multitude of lyrics here to really allow us a look into our own heads and see what may be the best direction for our own lives.Kyle Øashu has done his job of entertaining us as he shares his own experience and makes us think about ours. Stay in touch and follow more art on his INSTAGRAM.

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