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As musicians once more look to open up to the prospect of touring after almost a year of inaction due to COVID-19, seeing our favourite names in action feels tantalisingly close.

One question that has long been on the lips of music fans everywhere is; what exactly do our favourite musicians do on tour? 

Are the days of wild excess still with us? Or do musicians nowadays prefer a cup of green tea and an açai bowl after a big show? Of course, the answer is subjective and varies from act to act, yet the reality is that there are some activities that have proven more popular than others with musicians down the years.

In this article, we will take a look at the question of what musicians do on tour. From eating group meals to playing their favourite video games to spending some time online, we will cover it all!

What do musicians eat on tour?

One of the most commonly asked questions of musicians is how do they manage to maintain a healthy, balanced diet when touring. Indeed, it is no secret among musicians that tours can lead to some unwelcome weight gain due to the prevalence of calorific fast-food options taken on the road or immediately before/after a show.

For the biggest acts, they may be lucky enough to have a personal chef travel with them, somebody who can prepare their favourite meal at the drop of a hat. This will often include an abundance of vegetables and fruit, which are packed with vitamins to keep the immune system in peak condition during a long, demanding tour.

For the other 99% of musicians, touring will inevitably involve plenty of convenience food such as sandwiches, pizzas and other fast-food. Often, musicians leave behind a destination immediately after playing, not even having enough time for a meal before jumping on the bus. As such, eating on tour can be one of the most testing aspects for a musician.

What do musicians do for fun on tour?

Whilst many musicians continue to indulge in the kind of hedonism that was so popular with rock bands back in the day, most now lead a calmer lifestyle post-show. Yes, the constant temptations of sex, drugs and alcohol are always on offer, but the truth is most musicians prefer to play videogames, read or enjoy some online gambling.

Sites such as www.casinosites.org can be a valuable resource for musicians on tour looking to enjoy some online gaming. Poker, roulette and slot machine games can provide great entertainment to musicians after a demanding show or dozens of continuous days on the road.

Other activities that musicians love to do for fun on tour include experiencing the local culture of whichever city they are in. Whilst many bands and acts have a demanding schedule that offers little in terms of downtime; when they get the chance, musicians love nothing more than to dive into a city’s culture. This means visiting museums, going shopping, or sampling famous local cuisine hotspots.

Whatever you may choose to do, be happy to get back on the road and don’t take it for granted. We all saw how quickly it could be taken away from us.

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