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Summer Rain “Leave This Town”

Against the rainy backdrop of the music video for “Leave This Town,” the playful antics of Summer Rain feel especially meaningful as if to reference a youthful exuberance that gets harder and harder to fathom as the years go by. Juxtaposition is a key theme in both the video for this song and the track

Summer Rain “Hold Her Hand”

Heavy guitar rock is all the more noticeable these days, and in Summer Rain’s “Hold Her Hand,” electric six-string charm takes center stage in a way it hasn’t on the mainstream level in years. Summer Rain admittedly tackles the harmony we hear in their opening verses with a retro stylization that brings to mind some

Lulu Musiq Drenches Us With ‘Summer Rain’

An amazing voice will always stand out in the world of music. It may take time getting that voice enough exposure to the right people but if determination is coupled with it, the artist will find their way. Our recent discovery Lulu Musiq has the pieces in place and seems to be on her way.