Alex Smart Lets us Bask In The ‘Summer Rain’

Alex Smart

The goal of every great songwriter should be to connect with the listener. Sharing stories from your own life that many people can relate with will bring the fans in. We recently discovered Alex Smart who seems to truly get this and is ready to share his music with a growing fanbase starting with his debut single “Summer Rain.”

The talented singer-songwriter was born and raised in Greenville, South Carolina. The teen years of Alex Smart spurned a passion for music. He poured his free time into learning guitar and writing songs. This practice that Alex put in is paying off now with his Americana and Country sound that reaches deep into the listener’s soul. Influences range from Chris Stapleton, Jason Isbell, Eric Church, and Tom Petty. Like them, Alex offers warm melodies and genuinely courageous lyricism.

The official release of “Summer Rain” by Alex Smart is set for April 13th. A warm mellow melody brings us into the song quickly. The lyrics kick in and really grab us with Alex’s southern drawl sharing real nostalgia that we can all relate to. He seems to have become a master at sharing moments of both happiness and heartache. The production is top-notch as sounds mesh together perfectly behind the lyrics raising and lowering the energy as needed. This is a fantastic start demanding repeated listens.

We look forward to the expected release of his Chapter 1 EP this summer to dive deeper into the journey that Alex Smart plans to take us on. Keep up with music and more on his WEBSITE.

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