Steve Markoff And Patricia Lazzara Show You ‘Romances In Blue’

Sometimes musicians get together and their collaboration showcases undeniable musical chemistry. That is the case with the flutist duo of Steve Markoff and Patricia Lazzara. 2019 saw their first collaboration with their album Timeless—Hits of Love and Hope From Pop, Rock & Soft Rock. The album showcased the magic that Steve and Patricia were able to make together, sparking fire to create more. Now, they’ve teamed up with pianist Allison Brewster Franzetti to create another stellar album titled Romances In Blue.

Steve and Patricia poured their souls into this album, leaving you with 16 emotionally riveting instrumental tracks. Together you’ll explore the path of life through the emotions of attraction, love, hope, longing, despair, sadness, deep joy, and finally acceptance of what is. And impressively enough they’re able to translate that feeling through instrumentals only.

“I can’t decide if this collection of songs & pieces qualifies as sad or sweet….like life, probably a little of both.  Certain pieces of music leave a “lump in your throat” type of nostalgia that is, well, just inexplicable – kind of a longing for something you’ve had and lost, or something you’ve never had at all.  I think that’s the type of feeling I get as I sit back and immerse myself in this album.” – Steve Markoff

Listen to Romances in Blue below

Throughout the 16 tracks that make up Romances in Blue you’ll find yourself blown away by the musicality that is presented in this album. Each track highlights impeccable artisanship, showcasing the best qualities of different flutes. But more impressive than the actual skill behind the music is it’s ability to make you feel. There are glimpses of joy, hope, despair, and sorrow as you go through the album. The graceful, whistling sound of their flutes mimic the tones of female vocalists, creating a full sound and helping tell the story of each track.

What I found most refreshing from my listen through of Romances in Blue was the resounding sense of calm that comes with experiencing this album. Through the emotional high’s and low’s you come away with a sense of acceptance. So it seems Steve and Patricia have done what they set out to do with this album. Allow yourself to immerse fully into the tracks they’ve created and you won’t leave disappointed.

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