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Sofia Evangelina Gives Us ‘This Is Your Song’

Canadian up and coming pop star Sofia Evangelina, has created the stunning new single, ‘This Is Your Song’. Packed full of emotive and powerful structure, this song oozes confidence from start to finish. After a contemporary dance themed introduction, the track follows Sofia with angelic vocals grabbing you off your chair. In addition to this,

Griffin Oskar Releases Debut EP “Hostage”

Griffin Oskar, a singer/songwriter/producer based out of LA recently released a debut EP through Republic Records! Hostage is a four-track pop-vocal record and was released on February 3. Oskar is a native of Portland, Oregon. He signed a deal with Republic after Swedish producer Danrell remixed his self-released track “Hostage.” The original version of “Hostage” was

Shy Girls Releases Impressive Debut Album “Salt”

Dan Vidmar, under the moniker Shy Girls, has been releasing music since around 2013. Last month the producer/instrumentalist/vocalist released his debut album, Salt. This album is likely to be seen in your local R&B selection even though it can get pretty impressionistic/modern artsy at points. Overall it’s pretty introspective, flowing, and unintrusive music. I’d listen to it when