Sofia Evangelina Gives Us ‘This Is Your Song’

Sofia Evangelina

Canadian up and coming pop star Sofia Evangelina, has created the stunning new single, ‘This Is Your Song’. Packed full of emotive and powerful structure, this song oozes confidence from start to finish.

After a contemporary dance themed introduction, the track follows Sofia with angelic vocals grabbing you off your chair. In addition to this, Sofia takes you on an inspirational journey with her lyrically strong storyline. Often mistaken as an older musician, Sofia has not disappointed with this original release. It appears from ‘This Is Your Song’ that she has exceeded all expectations. At such a young age she is one to keep a very close eye on as she develops as a musician.

Her jazzy vocals having a striking resemblance of Etta James. It is clear to see that she has been inspired by some of the worlds most renowned vocalists who embarked on singing careers in generations well before she was even born. Sofia who has won multiple competitions for her vocals has delivered impeccably on ‘This Is Your Song’. In addition to this, the sky appears to be the limit for this budding musician who is ready to play multiple shows. The shows will be in the United States in 2019.

‘You Have the power ’- sung with lots of buoyancy in the chorus accurately portrays the intended never give up feeling and timbre of the song that underlines everything. At just 2 minutes and 51 seconds in length this song keeps the story short but carries it in a sweet manner. It would have been great to have had the song a little longer in length. However the message is clearly delivered impeccably within this time frame.

There is no reason to doubt Sofia’s talent. She is really becoming a pop sensation. I would not be surprised to see major labels knocking on her door as she grows in her music career.

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