“Grow” With Latest Single From Tanis


The beautiful and incredibly talented Tanis shares he moving R&B single “Grow”. where she “explores and speaks to the importance of humbling ourselves and how we truly grow into who we are.” 

Tanis is based out of New York, and identifies as an alternative- pop singer/songwriter and composer. She exemplifies the concept of putting your trust self forward, which saturates her musical creations. 

“Grow” is nothing short of a beautiful gem of a song. It’s the best mix of modernness with the same feels of nostalgic ballads. There’s a lot of heart and emotion that she wears on her sleeve and delivers through her voice.

Personally, I really resonated with this song, and I think its something that a lot of other people can relate to. For those of you who feel these same words resonate with you, I highly suggest giving “Grow” a listen for yourself. I don’t believe you’ll regret it!

Be sure to keep up with Tanis and her amazing music down below!

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Photo Credit: Paul Cruz

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