“F.L.Y.” High With New EP From Manelik

Collaboration typically breeds the most unique and beautiful things in life. And when creative minds join forces and share ideas, it allows for a more expansive and magical end result. Manelik, is an alternative rock collective from Geneva, Switzerland that is utilizing the power of many minds to create their own unique path within the music industry. Founded in 2019 by bassist and songwriter Manelik Sfez; the band’s DNA is a collective in the sense that it uses an open, variable lineup of top session musicians and experienced players.

Rock, electronic, and experimental sounds layer together to create the unique sound that Manelik will be known for. Eager to kickstart their musical endeavor November 2019 saw the release of their debut single “Let The Rain In,.” Hungry to release more though, April 2020 has seen the release of Manelik’s debut EP titled F.L.Y.

Complex and intriguing, each song on F.L.Y. highlights different aspects of what makes Manelik special. The layers of production within each song creates an almost haunting and omnipotent feeling. Vocals match that haunting feeling and pull you in, leaving you hooked on every word.

There is an intense fierceness to F.L.Y., “Be As You Are” is the second track on the album and it has such a fervent firing running through it. Its rock anthem chorus combines with so many intricacies to create one truly powerful number. Another song that carries immense strength that is presented much differently is “Stars.” More a true rock ballad than “Be As You Are”, “Stars” has a subtle softness that translates to sheer strength. Piano and string instruments shine through most throughout the song, making it a fun and light listen.

The complexity found in F.L.Y. show that there is so much more yet to come from Manelik. This debut EP proves that the collaboration between different minds can breed top-tier results. And with rumor of a full length album set for 2021, I’d highly recommend keeping your eyes peeled on Manelik’s journey.

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