Madame Z Takes Us ‘Down The Rabbit Hole’

Madame Z

Even a solo artist must be willing to accept that they can not do it all on their own. Bringing in help opens up many avenues to not only highlight the talents of the artist but also to add in elements to make it even better. Madame Z has taken her time to collaborate and create an impressive debut album in Down The Rabbit Hole.

The multi-faceted singer-songwriter makes the choice to go in any genre that she sees fit at the time. Jazz, soul, hard rock, etc are all within her wheelhouse. This has opened up the full songbook for Madame Z to share her talents in multiple ways. We covered her impressive version of the Elvis/Alannah Myles classic “Black Velvet” a while back. 

For the upcoming release of Down The Rabbit Hole, set for June 26th, Madame Z reaches deep into her personal journey for inspiration from those who impacted her life, both in a good way and a bad way. This realness bleeds from the speakers on the 15 track album.

Some of the talent that was brought in to help this dream of Madame Z become a reality was The M Project and Baselines Designs who helped with the music. Mauro S was also brought in for production on a few tracks. This open collaboration made for a final project much better than the sum of its parts.

The opener “All The Things I Hate About You” lets us all know that we are not in for some cookie-cutter mainstream sounds. There is an inorganic beat providing the base as Madame Z lets her soulful vocals soar above. Even with some downright angry vocals. The rock edge comes to the front on “Indulge” while “Fall Down” slows it down for an experimental ballad style. With this record, you must be ready for constant shifts in gears and sound.

The title track “Down The Rabbit Hole” turns up the energy and emotion. A feature from rapper Riot Craig turns it up even higher. That emotion comes to a crescendo with the amazing vocal delivery on Madame Z on “Blue Smoke and Honey Whiskey”. I need a sip of that whiskey after being fully absorbed by that track! 

“Pieces Of Me” continues the emotion but shifts to a more spacy electro-beat sound to keep the music moving in fresh directions. Some more innovative electro can be heard on the closer “One That Got Away”. Overall this is a complete journey through style and sound with the elegant voice of Madame Z keeping it all intertwined. A great full album to listen to without any boring repetition.

Keep up with the release on June 26th and more news leading up to it on the Madame Z website HERE.

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