Madame Z Covers The Past With ‘Black Velvet’

Madame Z

Diversity has become important for an artist looking to get music out there into the world. We no longer need to be pigeonholed into one genre. The musical world is our oyster. And we can find musicians from all over that world to add thier style to our songs. Recent discovery Madame Z has hit on all of this with her newest release. 

The singer/songwriter from Sacramento, California is a multi-faceted creative talent that has been budding under the surface for a while now. Genres have been fluid as the ocean for Madame Z. Her sound has ventured into R&B, Soul, Blues, Pop, Country, Jazz, Rock, and even Metal. There is no controlling her and no need for one label

The latest offering from Madame Z is her unique version of “Black Velvet’ released on January 8th (not coincidentally the birthday of Elvis Pressley). The original written by Alannah Myles was an ode to Elvis back when she recorded it over 30 years ago. The soulfulness of the original can definitely be heard in the new Madame Z version.

Quite an international group was brought together for this one. Thank you internet. Guitars were provided by Turbomaus from London, England, and bass is right out of the Midwest US by Ron Niermeyer. Scotland shows up in the form of drummer Tudanstudios, while another American Tony Hearn provides the Keyboards. Not to be outdone, Tom Hellsten of TSTstudios from Thailand handled the final mix and production. Truly worldwide.

The result is a truly beautiful track that pays homage to the original while highlighting the skills of this crazy group of musicians and in particular the vocal skill of Madame Z. This is exactly what a cover song is supposed to be. 

Keep on the lookout for more from Madame Z on her WEBSITE.

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