‘Bright Colors’ Come From Joe Coss & Liquid Phase

Bright Colors

We all have certain songs that remain close to our hearts and bring back memories even years after we first heard them. This happens on an even deeper level for a songwriter with some of thier musical creations. Some songs will be forgotten quickly but others will always remain to bring back the memories of our past that will always stick with us. This seems to be very evident in the rerelease of ‘Bright Colors’ by Joe Coss & Liquid Phase.

From 2005 to 2013, Joe Coss – singer/songwriter/guitarist for the Montauk, Long Island based band Liquid Phase spent his days traveling from Long Island to downtown New York City to work as the Lead Mechanical Engineer helping build the new World Trade Center/Freedom Tower. This was an emotional time in most New Yorkers’ lives watching the new beautiful building rise from the ashes of the greatest tragedy of our time. 

Fortunately, Joe Coss had the outlet of songwriting to express his feelings. “Bright Colors” chronicles his journey and thoughts of the time. Because the song holds such a place in his heart, Joe decided to have it remastered and rereleased to the world.

Original Video for ‘Bright Colors’ from 2013

The song – coupled with Coss’s diverse background (from his days as a Berklee College of Music student to his work in theoretical physics) and his relationship with legendary Singer/Songwriter Paul Simon and wife Edie Brickell have made for an incredibly unique blend of infectious rock and pop. 

“Bright Colors” provides a calming sonic vibe while being super catchy and upbeat. We can put ourselves directly into the mind of Joe Coss and experience some of the emotions he experienced during that time. We get to see his love for both the city whose most triumphant landmark he had the privilege of erecting to the oceanside oasis that is his home in Montauk, NY.

Now, as Joe Coss & Liquid Phase continue to write and perform throughout the NY area and all over Long Island – they’ll bring their unique sound to fans both new and old. Keep an eye and ear out for more on their WEBSITE.

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