Susan Wendelken Lets Us Hear ‘Alayne’s Echo’

Susan Wendelken

When music grabs you at a young age you have a full life to explore and experience it. There is no rush. The goal is to enjoy the ride no matter how long it takes. Our recent discovery Susan Wendelken has been a part of the music industry for quite a while. Now she is ready to go out on her own with her debut solo album Alayne’s Echo.

Growing up in Long Island, NY, the singer and songwriter found her singing voice shortly after she learned to speak. Influences came early from her parents in the form of Carole King, Tina Turner, and Big Band Jazz. Teenage years brought on a love for Heavy Metal. The unique mixture of genres became the basis of the Susan Wendelken sound. 

The musical journey of Susan Wendelken found its heart fronting bands throughout the NYC area. Her amazing voice opened up some amazing opportunities. She had songs featured in ESPN’s X Games and in both indie and foreign films. Susan has performed with musicians from Riverdance, Lord of the Dance, and Thin Lizzy, along with artists from Broadway productions Come From Away, Rock of Ages, American Idiot, and Kinky Boots. Quite a variety of experiences.

Now as she reaches the later part of her career, Susan Wendelken has finally decided to release her debut solo album Alayne’s Echo. The 9 track record shows off the many influences that the artist has experienced through the years. Opening up with “Spectator” starts off with an interesting fiddle sound before giving way to the big voice Susan is known for. The emotion comes out in growls and vibrato highs. There is no box to fit this music into. It is pure Susan Wendelken!

The acoustic tinge of the first single “Rewrite” brings a warmth to the music. This is perfect for the relatable message about embracing your quirks and being uniquely you. The vocals dance around with a happy feel even adding some sing-along “la la la de la da’s” for us all to join in. Country-Americana takes the reins on “I Know You Know.” A bluesy beat adds another layer to the fun song. 

“Warm Body” is a slowed down rocker with a darker vibe. Susan Wendelken really lets her voice free here. From the thought provoking verses to the rising bridge to the powerful vocal heart of the song. An elegantly written song that hits on all the notes you could ask for.

To show off even more depth the album closes with “Night Visit.” Here we get a wide variety of genres and sounds combined to create something truly unique. Folk, Blues, Jazz and some straight up classic rock. A storytelling journey that keeps attention on the vocals even with all the other talent moving in and out of your ears. This one demands multiple listens to take it all in.

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