Heavy AmericA Shows Us “Lucky”

The hard-hitting rock trio from Boston is back with another powerful track. Heavy AmericA’s “Lucky” is a song that defines their sound, something they describe as “every genre of rock.” This year is looking to be a big one for the band, as it comes on the heels of time spent writing and recording new music. “Lucky” is a strong new release for Heavy AmericA, showing off their sound to new audiences.

A drum fill leads into growling guitars. The band keeps a tight rhythm with plenty of bite to it. The vocals groove along with the instrumentals, dripping with style and confidence. The rock anthem sound is broken up by a change of pace, showing off the band’s versatility.

Heavy AmericA refuses to be confined to one style on “Lucky.” The departure from the sound they establish keeps the listener on their toes. The band contrasts focused, riff-based grooves with free-flowing progressive rock. Sections blend seamlessly together, the composition fitting in a place for each aspect of the song.

The storytelling that Heavy AmericA brings to “Lucky” makes it even more engaging. The lyrics dance around their winding style of songwriting. The story they tell has grit and edge to match the music. The music video is psychedelic and stylized, a distinct color palette defines it artistically, and feels almost essential to the experience of the song.

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