Tanner Gordon Brings It Back To His Beginnings With New Double Single

Part of being an artist is learning how to be ever evolving. That’s the trick to maintaining longevity. You need to change along with the times and fads and if you’re lucky you’ll find yourself ahead of the curve. Edmonton, CA’s Tanner Gordon has been a working musician since 2008, seeing the high’s and low’s of music. Tanner has spent years dedicated to taking his music to fans everywhere, both solo and with his band The Unfortunates. Now, Tanner is taking it back to his beginnings as he gears up to release his new album Start Again.

Start Again sees Tanner back to his melancholic and broody beginnings as an artist. Set to release in 2021, Tanner was kind enough to drop a double single to help satiate us all in the meantime and show us what Start Again will be about.

“Safe” is the first of the two singles that showcases the delightful indie pop sound Tanner Gordon is known for. Melodic and charming, everything about this track is endearing. There’s a delicateness to Gordon’s voice throughout the verses of “Safe” but as the chorus builds in passion, the strength behind Gordon’s voice shines through.

Watch the lyric video for “Safe” below

“Over” is much more of a melancholic tune. Gordon’s voice is tender and gentle, setting the mood for the track. There’s an inner turmoil that can be felt throughout every second of this track and the lyric video that corresponds paints a similar picture. The vulnerability present throughout this track shows that Gordon really poured his heart into Start Again.

Watch lyric video for “Over” below

This pairing of singles is proof that Tanner Gordon is ready to take himself to the next level. With the amount of diversity and emotional vulnerability present throughout these tracks, I am excited to see what other stories lie within Start Again. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for it’s release!

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