Tara Hack Tells Us ‘She Wants To Be Loved’

Tara Hack

We all experience different journeys to find our music inspiration. The world is full of twists and turns but for the passionate artist each twist is the fate of music building up its case to become an integral part of the person’s life. Our recent discovery Tara Hack had her path set in motion at a young age and accepted each experience that would lead her to a life as a successful performing musician.

Growing up in Long Island, New York she was enamored by the classic sounds of the 1940s and 50s. For Tara Hack, there was no greater joy than dancing around the living room to the likes of Bing Crosby, Etta James, the Rat Pack, and Glenn Miller Band. This foundation and connection to music pushed her to perfect her singing voice and guitar playing. 

A trip to New York City’s Penn Station with her father who worked as a conductor on the Long Island Rail Road would fan the flames even more. Upon seeing the musicians busking in the station and her father’s prodding to ‘give it a try’ another spark was set to guide Tara Hack to life as a performing musician.

Performing for commuters as they passed by would guide her empathic songwriting. Connecting with these people and simply trying “to make someone’s day better” in her words was invigorating and inspired many songs. Donations collected at her Penn Station and Atlantic Terminal performances funded a 2019 trip to Abbey Road Studios in London for a set of recordings to be released later this year. 

Tara Hack Releases ‘She Wants To Be Loved’ on July 10th

The just released single “She Wants to Be Loved” is a perfect example of this truly touching songwriting. As Tara Hack plays her acoustic guitar elegantly, the full sonic space behind her is filled with atmospheric sound to paint the background. She delivers vocals with an emotion that warms the soul and drags the listener into the story. We all want to be the savior for the titular girl and give her all that she wants. The production is perfect and lets our feelings soar without any guilt. This is a song that many people can connect with on both sides of the spectrum.

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