The amount of music submissions we get here at Indie Band Guru seems to increase every day.  Some come with a full on PR blitz of flashy bios, websites, and professional photos while others just shoot us a link to hear some music.  Honestly we are more likely to check out the flashy submission but a short message with a cool sounding artist name can usually at least get me to take a listen.  For example Teacher Preacher seemed worth a few minutes even without the hype and it was well worth the click.

Teacher Preacher

The only info that came with the Soundcloud link was that Teacher Preacher was with D. Thrash Productions and 4dbt Inc.  We dove in and found a collection of home grown country rap tunes mixed with a captivating southern flow.

There is a free mixtape available called Tales of an Appalachian King Vol. 1.  The 16 track record is a fun ride with that deep south groove that digs deep in your brain.  The first song “Ken Folks” sets the tone with a peppy beat mixed with some interesting instruments that let you know this will be a fun but different ride.  On “Dixie Boy Pride” and “Back Home” that Southern love shows off with the vibe that has become the staple of the sound.  The lyrics are deep and tell of real life and surroundings of the artist.  The help of Boondock Kingz is brought in on “Hustling For Nothing”.  The melody and beat get the head bopping while the vocals reach deep and demand your attention.  The sound turns to R&B on “Streets Remix” with some exotic sounds filling out the soundscape.  Teacher Preacher seems to be able to go in any musical direction he sees fit.

After listening to this whole record I truly believe the South will rise again.  Hear for yourself at:


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