One of the needed assets for any band is true determination.  When you are starting out you will probably run into many people that don’t appreciate what you do and are full of negativity.  It is easy to just agree with them and quit but if you are doing something you love it doesn’t matter how others feel as long as you are happy.  The Striped Bananas keep pushing forward to achieve their personal dream.

Striped Bananas

The band formed back in 2010 to fill what they felt was a void in the music scene.  Based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, The Striped Bananas create a experimental and psychedelic kind of alternative rock that does not try to fit into any nice little box.  The group is made up of Duncan – Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Sitar and Organ, Chantelle – Vocals and Keyboards, and Andrew – Vocals and Drums.  When they started out the reaction to their sound was tough but they pushed forward anyway and now find themselves at the heart of a new psychedelia renaissance.

A few weeks ago The Striped Bananas released their third full length album called Cosmic Carnival.  The 10 track record brings a lot of classic rock sounds together with the group’s own psychedelic twist.  The opener “Bad Hands Mackenzie” starts the record with a raw rock tone and a groovy bass line that starts the mind on a trip.  The Striped Bananas take on a version of the 1961 Del Shannon classic “Runaway” with their own trippy style that makes the song sludge along right into your heart.  The wall of sound that backs up “Captain Merwin” seems to be coming at you from all angles as you find yourself awash in the psychedelic sounds.  The album closes with “Carnival”, another assortment of exotic instrument sounds accompanied by vocal harmonies that bring to mind a wild sing along sea shanty.  This is beautiful music for the open minded.  Get a taste for yourself at:

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