One of the beauties of the advancement of recording techniques is that it is now easy for a songwriter to record a full album and all the instrumental parts on his own in his own space.  This has brought much more music to the world.  Something we heard recently is Third Thought.

Third Thought

Singer-songwriter and guitarist Matt Ingles is the brains behind Third Thought.  He has been playing guitar and writing songs since he was 14.  His love of music has a wide range as Matt claims everything from Thrash Metal to 60’s Pop as influences.  The focus of his music is to create something passionate and interesting.

The newest release by Third Thought is the full length album Speakin Vibes.  The 11 track record tackles some different rock genres to put out a full plate of sound.  The opener”Banana Havoc” lets you know right away you are in for something different.  There is some raw emotion on “Denial Blues” that bleeds through the lyrics.  The vocals are not the strongpoint of Matt but the songwriting talent is very evident.  On “Maybe Next Time” he lets his guitar do the talking and the melodic journey becomes quite magical.  One of the stronger songs is “Gentlemen’s Curse Lifted”.  The slowly strummed guitar provides only a background as the lyrics and minimalistic feel creates an aura of reaching deep into the songwriter’s mind.  Get a listen for yourself to the full album at:

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