When a group of guys get together to create music there is a magic that happens often creating a lifelong bond.  Time will move on and create hurdles and changes but in the end good music is good music and the people that made it together will always have that.  The band Golden Palace is now back after a long absence to continue the magic.

Golden Palace

The beginnings of the band began back in 2001 with group of high school kids in a punk rock band called 5th March.  They lived the high school dream and personified the punk rock DIY ethos by setting up their own concerts and building up some local popularity.  As school ended so did the band but the love of making music never waned.  Some members came back together through fate and Golden Palace was born.  The new band combined the sounds of  punk rock, beach music, hair metal, and vodka.  This musical party and carefree attitude caught on even quicker and Golden Palace was on their way.  Life moved fast for the guys and time marched on causing hiatuses and member changes but all good things come back and the band will be performing a reunion concert July 25th at Art’s Bar & Grill in Mt. Pleasant, SC, their first time playing together in 6 years.

To celebrate the comeback and their 10th anniversary, Golden Palace just released a remastered version of their debut  Little Rock N’ Roll.  The 10 track record brings back a simpler time when music ruled the party.  The tone is set quickly with “Is It A Crime?” speeding through and getting things moving with sing along choruses meant for a party.  The title track “A Little Rock N Roll” opens with a bass heavy groove that brings the funk throughout the whole track.  There is some real diversity in the Golden Palace sound.  The mid 2000’s rock sound is brought to the forefront on “Seeing Sage” with its crunchy yet melodic guitars and attacking vocals that make the listener stand up at attention.  Take a trip back and get ready for some new Golden Palace at: http://www.goldenpalaceband.com/

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