It often takes a lot of musical experimentation for an artist to find the sound that suits them best.  Inspiration can come from many different situations and people but when you finally find the right situation it all kind of falls into place.  It seems as if our latest find Warehouse Eyes is a perfect example of this.

The Minneapolis, Minnesota duo of Christopher Williams and Jennie Lawless bring together a diverse musical background to create their own unique alternative synth sound.  Both are classically trained musicians that had stints in many different music scenes from Jazz to Folk to Alt-Country.  With all this experience at their disposal creating something new became an organic experience.  Warehouse Eyes set out to make music that they care about and it bacame a success.

The latest offering from Warehouse Eyes is the 5 track EP Prisms.  The original duo added guitar bass and drums to thicken up their sound and add complex harmonies to the mix.  The opener “I Think I Can Live With It” sets the tone with a lush soundscape presented with dreamy vocals pushing the track forward.  Enjoy the music video here:

The beautiful synth pop “The Same Dream” follows with its peppy beat running along melodic background creating a full wall of sound.  The sultry vocals add another layer to an impressive song.  The catchy and forward moving melody of “Drive” will drag you along through the sludge pop sounds putting you in a totally relaxed state of mind.  By the time you reach album closer “Smoke” your brain will have been through an exotic trip now woken up with the jarring stops and starts of the synths.  This is music for highly elevated music minds.  Enjoy more at:


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