Sometimes you have that day when things didn’t go right and you really need to hear some hard music to vent your frustrations to.  Today was that day and we may have found a perfect band to bang your head to.  Get ready for Technical Damage.

Hailing from the great north of British Columbia, Canada, Technical Damage is a thrash metal band that is trying to bring back the original metal that the fans of that genre have been asking for.  Amen – Vocals, Michael – Drums, Peter – Guitar, Ben- Guitar, and Zac – Bass are the five members that refer to each other as brothers in their quest to bring back heavy metal.  They come from different corners of the world and you can hear the multi-culturalism in their music.

Technical Damage has recently released some music through their ReverbNation page that deserves some attention.  The track ‘New Dimension’ grabs you by the balls right from the start as catchy power guitar is joined by drum fills that feel like a punch in the face.  Mixing guttural vocals and a melodically sung chorus make this a good listen.  ‘Withered To Ashes’ starts off powerful as well but then quickly switches to a mellow vocal and piano line that could be confused with a pop song lulling you into a sense of security before grabbing your attention with grinding guitars.  Another good song is ‘Confession’ with a technical guitar line that shows you the skills of the musicians.  The song has a feel of an ancient story being told to you with true feeling.

Bottom Line:  Technical Damage is able to touch on a lot of different sub-genres within the metal genre.  They do it well and show the listener that they can give him exactly what he wants; fuckin metal!

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