Just wanted to take a moment to apologize for our recent downtime and thank you for your patience. We made some upgrades to the back-end of IndieBandGuru that will be great for all of us — staff, readers, and clients alike — as we head into the future of the independent music business.


A new hosting company was secured that adds many new features to the website. We also now have a secure SSL Certificate installed for IndieBandGuru.com. This will give us much more security from potential malicious hackers, a greater deal of protection for any information you may share with us, and will keep us current of Google’s evolving policies.


This is a huge step in taking us to the highest levels that we aim for in the independent music community. Together we will continue moving forward in creating a safe space for music discovery and a welcoming community of like minded music lovers.


Look forward to the return of the entertaining and informative music reviews you know and love beginning this Wednesday, May 23, at our regular posting hours.


Photo by Simson Petrol

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