Every artist is indeed inspired by other artists that have come before them.  While the music may have helped them get to where they are often these new artists seek to blaze their own trail and avoid the footsteps and shadows of earlier greats.  While it often takes a while for these artists to truly achieve fame when they do get there they are remembered as heroes for all the unique work they put in to achieve their goals.  We seem to have caught one on her way up the ladder.  Let us introduce you to Teni.


The London born soul singer and producer has crafted her own original sound featuring a mix of soulful jazz, sultry vocals, and afrobeat rhythms.  Teni claims influences of such standouts as Marvin Gaye, Aretha Franklin, Kate Bush, and Bob Marley.  She calls her mixed up sound afrosoul.  With this sound Teni preaches a message of unity and upliftment through a powerfully sensual live performance.  Her live show is not for the weak of heart.

Recently Teni released her debut album Afrodisiac.  The 10 track record is full of sounds that will put the listener in a more relaxed and soulful state.  The best example of her unique afrobeat style is the song “Africa”.  The guitars create a soulful backbeat for Teni’s sultry vocals.  The big band chorus will gain the attention of everyone within earshot.  “Surrender” has a more jazzy feel but continues the interesting sonic feel of her soulful afro sound.  One of my favorites is the more upbeat track “Like A Gun”.  Teni uses her full 8-piece band here to fill the soundscape with blaring horns, melodic guitars, and her diverse vocal range.

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