The holidays are here again.  It is a great time of year to celebrate and be happy.  There is always one part though that I just can’t stand, shopping!  No one of my friends ever seems to know what they want, especially my musical friends.  it used to be easier and I would just buy CDs for everyone of the bands that they didn’t even know about yet that I was sure they would like, but let’s face it nobody wants CDs anymore.  The other route is an iTunes gift cards but I hate the impersonal feel of giving gift cards and not actually deciding the music for them.  That is the music snob in me.

With the current movements in technology there are some great things that will make life easier for the music loving friends we all have.  With free wi-fi expanding everywhere and bluetooth making wires become a thing of the past there is the ability to have loud music everywhere.  I had fought the wireless speakers for a while thinking that the sound could not possibly be that good.  There were a few cheap ones that proved me right but then I heard the sound that pops out of the Beats by Dr Dre Pill.  The sound is huge and the pill looks kind of cool and comes in just about every color you could imagine to suit the users taste.  The ads for it are funny too.

The pills have been a hot item and have become tough to find in stores.  My friends at Argos sell a great range of beats pills.  They have them in stock now.  So if you need a good gift for a music lover go grab one now.  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

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