IBG Interview – 7 Questions With Reggae Producer TerryVibes


Beats are all around us. We recently discovered a producer overflowing with engaging sounds. TerryVibes is a music producer/beatmaker based in Greece who mainly produces Reggae Beats for music artists and rappers. He also makes various other music styles such as RnB, Rap, and Hip Hop Instrumentals. He has been making music for many years now, but only started producing music professionally in the last 5 years when he began licensing his instrumentals to music artists looking to buy Reggae Beats & HipHop Instrumentals for their songs, mixtapes and albums.

We had the chance to chat with Terry to get behind the scenes of his profession. Enjoy the interview here:


First off, how did the name TerryVibes come about?

It’s basically a fusion of my first name “Terry” and the word “vibes” as referring to music.


What drew you to creating music for a living?

I was always drawn to music since a very young age but it was always just a hobby for me and it remained like that for many years as I didn’t really think it would be possible to earn any real money from it or I wouldn’t even know how. But when I later discovered that there were other producers online that were doing this as a living, I started researching this more and tried to find ways that would allow me to do what I love and also get paid doing it.


How would you describe your unique style and sound?

I’d say I mainly tend to produce Reggae music nowadays but I like to incorporate elements from other genres as well such as Hip Hop, Rap and R&B or even produce music that doesn’t include any Reggae elements at all. I also always try to evoke an emotion from my music whether it be happy or sad and I try to leave room for the artist/singer to tell their story as well.



Tell us about how a beat comes together for you?

There isn’t really a specific formula that I follow each time. Sometimes I may just hang around not doing anything related to music and I will come up with a melody in my head which I’ll then try to turn into a full composition or other times I’ll just start playing something random on the guitar or keys and I’ll hear something that I like and start building on it. Of course, not every single idea will end up becoming a complete composition and there are hundreds of unfinished beats with good potential, so having the patience to try and finish more beats is something I want to work on more.


How can your website TerryVibes.com be an asset to the independent artists out there?

I launched my website TerryVibes.com in 2012 as a place where artists and rappers can listen to and license my instrumental beats online, easily and affordably. Since then I have worked with hundreds of up and coming and more established music artists from all over the world, always striving to provide the highest quality music production and customer service possible to every artist I may be working with and I believe that all these things are what most music artists are looking for when trying to find instrumental beats for their songs and albums.


What is next for TerryVibes?

I’m always working on new music and have several projects and collaborations I’m currently working on that should be out soon. I’m also always trying to find new ways to reach even more artists and grow my network and connections in the music business.


What advice would you give to other hard working producers on the rise?

Always try to improve on your craft as a music producer and if you intend to do this professionally make sure that you try to learn as many marketing methods as possible and be patient as in most cases it might take some time until you finally start seeing any actual results, but if you keep at it and you have both great production skills and you know marketing as well you will eventually succeed.


You can connect with TerryVibes and check out his beats HERE
He is also reachable through social media on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/Youtube/Soundcloud @TerryVibes


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