The 1975 — Indie Pop Darlings Back with Second LP

The 1975

By Emma Cohen of Indie Band Guru

Pleasing their fans once again, The 1975 released a new album last month. Their second effort, I like it when you sleep, for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it, is bigger and more diverse then their self-titled debut.

It’s been a long time since the group first hit the world stage in 2013 and, if I like it when you sleep is any indication, The 1975 is now more comfortable in their element and in their sound.

The 1975 — Coming Into Their Own

The group has become widely known for their interesting take on the modern pop sound, filled with indie, disco, and funk influence. The songs on their newest are all so different, but so uniquely The 1975, that it is clear to see the group is defining their own sound.

The title track shockingly cute. Matthew Healy’s high pitched soprano vocals are a common element found in all of the groups music but, matched by the quick tempo and happy tone of the instruments, make the song edgy and fun at the same time. The group’s ability to have constantly changing background sounds adds to the overall listening experience.

“Love Me” could be the soundtrack of a montage in a quirky independent mad scientist movie from the late ‘70s or ‘80s. The random shots of harmony paired with the off kilter and off center guitar made me feel ready to strut the run way or work a rebooted, much more attractive Dr. Frankenstien.

“Nana,” my personal favorite on the album, sounds like a soft summer day with light rain. It is a much softer than The 1975’s standard fare. It bears a surprising but definite influence of early Cat Stevens in the dream like melody and heavy vibrato of the vocals. It was especially beautiful when the guitar cut out and it was Healy, the bass, and the percussion. It’s a poignant, contemplative glimpse into their musical versatility.

All of the tracks on this album are wonderful, they each shine in their own way and none out do the others. Listening to the music I felt transfixed as my emotions went on a roller coaster. Starting with an upbeat and happy tune and ending with “She Lays Down,” a more romantic love-ending ballad, The 1975 explores endless possibilities.

I have no doubt that the group will be adding many charting hits to their list with this release.

Find The 1975’s I like it when you sleep, for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it here.

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