Music is supposed to be fun.  Yes, there are times when an artist needs to focus and use their technical skill to prove their worth, but when you have the skills and can truly enjoy yourself, that is when the real magic of music takes hold.  We recently discovered a band that fits this mold well.  Let us introduce you to The New Benjamin Britton.

The Benjamin Britton Band

The duo is made up of Ben Cockerham on vocals and 8 string guitar along with Britton Matthews on vocals, vibraphone, marimba, and a host of other percussive instruments.  Their fresh take on indie folk has been getting them some grand attention in the NYC underground scene.  Remaining minimalistic while using unique instruments and incorporating pop, jazz, and even classical genres has set them apart from the masses of coffee house players.

The New Benjamin Britton is set to release their debut album Raise A Glass Broken Land on July 23rd, 2013.  Indie Band Guru was able to get a sneak listen to some tracks and has had the songs stuck in his head ever since.  The first song ‘Underprepared’ starts with a marimba line that lets you know right off the bat that this is something different.  Ben’s vocal style is warm and welcoming and sounds as if he is singing just for you.  The mish mosh of sound is very impressive coming from only 2 people.  ‘Come Into The Moment’ has more of a pop feel but still stays strange enough to stay unique in its style.  On ‘Long Distance Salvation’ I was reminded of the glory days of Elvis Costello and his innovative vocal tone.  These are songs for the happy go lucky times when you need a smile on your face.  I suggest you turn that frown upside down and go take a listen for yourself at:

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