When you find a musical partner that not only meshes well with you but also pushes you to improve your art, that is one that you stay with.  It is easier to achieve greatness when you have someone who understands making music and who you can bounce ideas off of and get real feedback from.  Phonies need not apply.  It seems like we discovered a good pair in The Co-Pilots.

The Co-Pilots

The duo from Springfield, Illinois have been together for the last 5 years.  They are MC Ren and Money Green, currently both 24 years old and ready to continue their rise.  In the time The Co-Pilots have been together they have already released 7 mix tapes, 6 videos, and a countless string of singles to a growing fanbase.  The hard work has paid off and they have opened for such big acts as 2 chainz, pop it off boyz, Starlito, and lil chuckie.

The last full length release by The Co-Pilots is Flight Delay 2.  The 20 track mixtape shows off their abilities to flow over many different styles of music.  On “Pray For These Niggas” they use a hook from alt rocker Florence And The Machine.  The flow will impress right from the start.  The Co-Pilots show a more mellow side on “Bad Girl” with a soft beat that seems romantic but listening to the lyrics we get what the boys really want with her.  The interesting use of different sounds continues on the soulful and spacy “Kill My High” and some fun samples on “My Last Night”.  The newest video by the The Co-Pilots is the visually stunning “Top Floor”.  On this one the message is one of hope and a better future.  Enjoy it here:

Keep a look out for more by The Co-Pilots soon.

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