With all technology available in the music industry today big things can be done in your own small studio.  No longer does a solo artist have to be limited to an acoustic guitar and a microphone.  A full soundscape can be added to your music making it truly unique.  A great example is The Sunless Sea.

Sunless Sea

The Charleston, South Carolina based solo project is the brainchild of Witte Crosby.  It is an indie rock based sound with some electronic elements and powerful emotional outbursts.  There is not much info out there yet on The Sunless Sea but it seems like that is about to change.

Last week The Sunless Sea released his debut EP NO GHOSTS.  The 6 track record shows some real diversity.  The opener and title track “No Ghosts” is a mellow and relatively minimalistic track that builds throughout to let you know something different is coming.  On “Battles” there is some electro influence with sounds coming from many different angles to build a full wall of noise that weaves in a out of the song.  There is an epic arena feel to “Closure”.  Even though it is only Witte Crosby here the song bleeds emotion and pop sensibilities that could tie into a TV soundtrack very well.  The tone is brought back down for the closer “XO”.  The sweet melody is coupled with an almost whispering and extremely sensitive vocal delivery that will keep you going back to this record.  Take a listen for yourself at: http://thesunlesssea.bandcamp.com/

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