The Fem Doms Drop ATTIC, Doesn’t Disappoint Fans

The Fem Doms

Have you ever listened to a band where every song put you at ease? Each song slipped you into an explainable trance, where nothing but each note is the only thing that matters in the world at the moment. The Fem Doms latest release will do exactly that for you.

Chris Carrigan (guitar/vocals), Luke Kelly (guitar/vocals), Evan O’Neal (guitar), Mem Pahl (bass/vocals), Brendan Galvin (drums) and Maya Renfro (synth/vocals) debuted as The Fem Doms in 2014. With the release of their EP ATTIC, the six-piece band from New York city are gearing up to drop their second album.

The Fem Doms don’t disappoint with ATTIC.

The three song EP was released December 31st. Though unsigned, The Fem Doms do not disappoint with the quality of the ATTIC.

Monolith, which debuted on PureVolume in early November, is the opener for the EP. With it’s bold rock sounds, distorted and dueling guitars, and elements of indie, Monolith sets the sound for everything The Fem Doms wanted to achieve in the EP.

The group revealed Monolith was originally written over a year before its release while on tour. After abandoning, revisiting, and revising over a dozen times, The Fem Doms explained to PureVolume, “We’re proud to present our final version of the song,” during the release.

Dysania and Dropped are the other songs featured on ATTIC and show how diverse The Fem Doms sound can be. However, the distinct vocals on each track really identify the psych sound the six-piece identifies with.

The six-piece group have been celebrating the release of ATTIC with a few shows and are gearing up for the release of their next full length album. After that drops, make sure to catch the group on tour at a stop near you. Make sure to keep up with the group and their upcoming releases and tour dates on their Facebook.