Charles Luck & Tino Red Show Sonic Diversity

Charles Luck

As a true artist, you must be willing to constantly be experimenting and expanding your art.  Staying within one specific style is fine for some people but if you have the ability to flow in and out of different genres give it a chance and see what sticks.  Our friends from Black Astronaut just keep moving forward and blowing minds with each new track.

Based in Atlanta, Georgia, the collective of Hip Hop talent is led by Charles Luck and Tino Red.  Together as Black Astronaut, they bring in rappers, singers, and songwriters from all over the world to lead them in different and exciting directions.  There are no genre specifications as Charles and Tino dive into everything from EDM to Classic Rock.  Some of the samples they borrow provide that familiar feel but they find a way to take it to a far away place.



For example one of the latest releases by Charles Luck and Tino Red is the mellow “One Love”.  The beautiful melody is very singer-songwriter friendly as the acoustic guitar leads the way painting a picture of a sunny beach.  The elegant vocals bring out the sun and put a smile on everyone’s face.  The addition of some professional production fills out the full sound.



Even newer, released just a couple days ago is the song “Earthquakes”.  The duo of Charles Luck and Tino Red bring in the talented vocal skills of Addie to lead this one.  The pop party atmosphere comes at you with a bang.  There are some heavy influences of EDM and Dance music on this one.  The images brought to mind are on the other side of the small campfire on the beach vibe of “One Love” to a crowded sweaty dance party bouncing together in one mass of sexy flesh.  Heartbeats will pound and clothes will melt away.
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