Karmic Talk “Higher Self” In Latest Release


There are some songs you can’t help but get into. Whether it be because of a catchy beat or thoughtful lyrics, there’s just something to be said about songs that can evoke something in us. It can brighten your mood, give you a reason to dance, and (in some cases) provide motivation. This goes for LA-based alt-pop group Karmic who creates music you can’t ignore. Their latest release, a track called “Higher Self”, delivers all this and more.

Karmic is a talented group. They purposely use electro beats and two very talented vocalists to produce tracks that not only make you dance, but make you feel something. In this track you get the best of both in the sense that you get this really interesting beat combined with some surprisingly inspiring lyrics. They create this motivational-pop mix that’s the ultimate pick-me-up.

Karmic Plays With Positivity

It all starts with the production. Karmic has effortlessly crafted one of the most cheerful beats that I personally think I’ve ever come across. It’s bright and fun, and it creates such an energetic vibe that you can’t help but dance along to.

Along with that is the incredibly talented singers in the group. The two vocalists, Laura Baruch and Kyle Tkatch, sound amazing together. They harmonize and work together in the best way. Their voices are so clear and perfect that it’s impossible not to enjoy the song.

On top of that there’s just this overall weirdly empowering vibe to it all. Baruch and Tkatch sing verses like “I’m talking, talking, talk, to my higher self / I wouldn’t do it for anyone else” and“It was always there from the start the best me was never far”.  It’s uplifting and so self-empowering, it leaves you with this such a positive feeling after listening.

Karmic creates tracks you smile along to, either while you’re dancing along in your car or dueting in your bedroom. They just create bright and fun music. Their songs have this rare level of inspiration in them that you don’t come across everyday. The best part about this is how it gives us, the listeners, an amazing song you can listen to on repeat over and over again.

You can keep up with Karmic here.

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  1. Mariam HAOUALI

    Yes I m from Morocco and I m in love wit this song it’s have a great power I listening to it all the morning 🤍