Hunnid Shares Passion For The Powerless


Music can become much more than just melodies, beats, and words.  When passion is poured in it becomes obvious very quickly that the artist is making music with meaning.  One specific rising talent that is out there creating music that is bigger than just collections of sounds is our new feature Hunnid.

The artist from the south side of Chicago has been getting noticed by the fans as well as the industry pros.  The lyrical flows and innovative sounds that Hunnid delivers demand the listener’s attention.  Music was a big part of his childhood but at the age of 18 Hunnid decided to really dive into the craft of Hip Hop and put all his energy toward creating something bigger than just music.  He wants to be the mouthpiece of those less fortunate left without a voice.

The passion that Hunnid shares in his lyrical style is intoxicating.  Every word has a purpose and the feelings are evident in his tone.  He states “Not many people can do what I do and be good at it but that’s not my goal with music. My goal is to bring power to the powerless through music, I actually have a message.”  This is a real man to follow enthusiastically, not just a rapper spitting words that have no basis in reality.  He shares the truth and hopes to empower the struggle.


Right now Hunnid is preparing his upcoming record What A Time To Be A Savage (W.A.T.T.B.A.S).  The lead single “CCG Or Die” sets the tone right away with powerful production by Chino.  The bouncy beat builds up the energy and gets heads bopping as the speakers boom.  Hunnid represents Chicago to the fullest on this one while paying homage to Pimp C and living legend Bun B. The video was filmed in the downtrodden Houston’s third ward to ensure this homage was paid.  The flows shred as the fam shows their support for the leader of the pack.  The passion makes any listener want to get in there and support this talent in any way they can.

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