KP Wolfe Gets Real In Latest EP

KP Wolfe

Some artists just sing with a quality you can’t explain. They just exude some sort of confidence that can’t be put into words. They create this kind of attitude with their music that you can’t help but vibe along to. Artist KP Wolfe is this kind of artist. Not only is she an NYU Tisch grad with an impressive rap sheet of performances on well-known musicals like “Home Street Home”, but she’s also just an amazing performer. With pop-like ballads combined with her real lyrics, her latest EP Exodus is a wild ride, and the perfect introduction to her unique style.

We’re introduced to this amazing confidence Wolfe has within seconds. KP Wolfe uses her incredible voice and sharp lyrics to give us something real. 

Wolfe Impresses With Passion

KP Wolfe sings with a different kind of purpose and makes it into the best performance. She sings like she’s not letting anything get in her way, and you can’t help but be into it.

Take her title track “Exodus” as an example.  Wolfe sings with this perfect amount of rasp and sass. In between piercing lyrics like “Throw my hands up jump in the water cause I’m not just someone’s daughter. No, and I’m sure I’m more than a lover so I’m walking away from you” we get this incredible vocal performance from Wolfe.

She delivers it in all of her songs. Whether she’s singing about making the world a better place in “Louder” or broken promises in “Take Back The Ring”. She’s got this emotion in her voice that you can’t help but pick up on.

It’s not just the way she shows off her vocals in songs like “Take Back The Ring” as she sings, “Take back the ring that you never gave me, take the promise you never made, take back the time like it never happened at all”. It’s the way she shapes every ballad and vocal run into a story, and makes it impossible to pause.

KP Wolfe is an impressive artist. You don’t have to look at her incredible resume to know she’s talented. She shows it to you within seconds. Wolfe sings with passion and confidence that can’t be categorized, and it just makes me this much excited to see what she drops next.
You can keep up with KP Wolfe at her website here.

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